RNLI 10K and Southsea Pirates - Pieces of Eight
9 Oct 2011


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PosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1548Mike Powell 00:47:00All Ages1Male1
2566Late Entry 00:50:21All Ages2Male2
3570Late Entry 00:50:35All Ages3Male3
4567Late Entry 00:53:02All Ages4Male4
5569Late Entry 00:54:00All Ages5Male5
6564Late Entry 00:55:00All Ages6Male6
7592Late Entry 00:55:42All Ages7Male7
8531Gareth Cole 00:55:46All Ages8Male8
9590Late Entry 00:56:44All Ages9Male9
10563Sian Hawkes 00:56:54All Ages1Female1
11554Matthew Fleet 00:57:31All Ages10Male10
12541Shimpei Yasuda 00:57:33All Ages11Male11
13530Jayne Mcphee 00:57:37All Ages2Female2
14539Emma Nekrews 00:57:37All Ages3Female3
15553Simon Lockyer 00:57:44All Ages12Male12
16571Late Entry 00:58:14All Ages13Male13
17572Late Entry 00:58:14All Ages14Male14
18527James Goodship 01:00:00All Ages15Male15
19575Late Entry 01:00:07All Ages16Male16
20550Nick Roca 01:00:25All Ages17Male17
21558Paul Hewitt 01:00:40All Ages18Male18
22565Late Entry 01:00:54All Ages19Male19
23568Late Entry 01:00:57All Ages20Male20
24577Late Entry 01:01:36All Ages21Male21
25551Rebecca Seal 01:02:05All Ages4Female4
26589Late Entry 01:02:30All Ages22Male22
27560Debbie Hewitt 01:02:42All Ages5Female5
28587Late Entry 01:03:19All Ages23Male23
29588Late Entry 01:03:42All Ages24Male24
30528Charles Cope 01:04:49All Ages25Male25
31513Andrew Austin 01:05:04All Ages26Male26
32555Sean Mc Ateer 01:05:10All Ages27Male27
33556Adey Adeneyde 01:05:38All Ages6Female6
34562Rachel Maria Green 01:05:57All Ages7Female7
35557Stephen Wroe 01:06:50All Ages28Male28
36518Steven Baldwin 01:07:08All Ages29Male29
37524Fiona Shaw 01:07:34All Ages8Female8
38501Dave Shilling 01:07:41All Ages30Male30
39502Jenny Shilling 01:07:41All Ages9Female9
40534David Bew 01:08:49All Ages31Male31
41526Emily Pountney 01:08:59All Ages10Female10
42584Late Entry 01:09:31All Ages32Male32
43519Del Roberts 01:09:46All Ages33Male33
44517Alison Chase 01:09:47All Ages11Female11
45529Phillip Blackwell 01:10:01All Ages34Male34
46544Ruth Pearson 01:10:02All Ages12Female12
47552HOLLY BURROWS 01:11:43All Ages13Female13
48509Ian McShane 01:12:00All Ages35Male35
49500James Savage 01:12:18All Ages36Male36
50520Gemma Thompson 01:13:32All Ages14Female14
Page 1 of 2 (76 items)