RNLI 10K and Southsea Pirates - Pieces of Eight
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9 Oct 2011
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1331Harry Carter 00:33:05All Ages1Male1
2321Christopher De Thorpe Millard 00:35:20All Ages2Male2
3334Late Entry 00:36:56All Ages3Male3
4330Martin Williams 00:37:26All Ages4Male4
58Mark Eaton 00:38:04All Ages5Male5
6158Sally Bundy 00:38:40All Ages1Female1
7142Matthew Gallop 00:38:45All Ages6Male6
8219Emma Jolley 00:40:30All Ages2Female2
9377Late Entry 00:40:54All Ages7Male7
10371Late Entry 00:41:19All Ages8Male8
11252Simon Bittlestone 00:41:49All Ages9Male9
12335Late Entry 00:42:11All Ages10Male10
13149Richard.A.Craddock 00:42:16All Ages11Male11
14336Late Entry 00:42:26All Ages12Male12
15359Late Entry 00:42:41All Ages13Male13
16196Antony Osbourn 00:43:03All Ages14Male14
17338Late Entry 00:43:06All Ages15Male15
18199Keith Morey 00:43:29All Ages16Male16
19275Greg Hoolihan 00:43:41All Ages17Male17
20137Sally Bowry 00:43:45All Ages3Female3
21161Lee Sutherland 00:43:48All Ages18Male18
22224Bart Huby 00:44:01All Ages19Male19
23352Late Entry 00:44:05All Ages20Male20
24210Alistair Moody 00:44:31All Ages21Male21
25198Andy Pittman 00:44:36All Ages22Male22
26294Joe Winslade 00:44:47All Ages23Male23
27370Late Entry 00:44:59All Ages24Male24
28221Darren Duery 00:45:06All Ages25Male25
29234Nicholas Webb 00:45:07All Ages26Male26
3052Matthew Lawley 00:45:21All Ages27Male27
31189James Hewett 00:45:22All Ages28Male28
32116Chris McGaw 00:45:24All Ages29Male29
33184Rachel Walklate 00:45:27All Ages4Female4
34362Late Entry 00:45:33All Ages30Male30
35376Late Entry 00:45:40All Ages31Male31
36258Michael Moorcroft 00:45:42All Ages32Male32
37250Paul Bird 00:45:49All Ages33Male33
38257Alun Hanford 00:45:49All Ages34Male34
39332Steven Bate 00:45:49All Ages35Male35
40131Sam Meredith 00:45:50All Ages36Male36
41166Nic Woollard 00:45:51All Ages37Male37
42191Michael Cobb 00:45:58All Ages38Male38
43119Calvin Bradley 00:46:02All Ages39Male39
44355Late Entry 00:46:03All Ages40Male40
4532David Andrews 00:46:09All Ages41Male41
4654Robert Freeman 00:46:14All Ages42Male42
47194James Williams 00:46:31All Ages43Male43
4820Matt Dean 00:46:38All Ages44Male44
49367Late Entry 00:46:44All Ages45Male45
50227Sanjay Mall 00:46:54All Ages46Male46
Page 1 of 7 (323 items)

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