Portsmouth Marathon 2011
18 Dec 2011


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PosRace NoNameTimeGenderGen PosClub
1232Peter Stockdale 02:51:31Male1
2471Mark Carwardine 02:51:51Male2Centurion Running Club
350ADE HOLLOWAY 02:54:29Male3Littledown Harriers
4444James YOUNG 02:56:58Male4wimbledon windmilers
5904Mark Jefford 02:57:00Male5
6133Huw Arthur 02:57:44Male6
7258David Ross 02:58:46Male7
8717Ian Carley 02:59:58Male8Farnham Runners
9883Sarah Hill 03:01:01Female1Farnham Runners
10644James Murray 03:01:44Male9Bideford AAC
11292Tony Smith 03:02:15Male10Stubbington Green
12612Huw Dymond 03:02:21Male11
13221Martin Bacon 03:04:21Male12
14562Duncan Meadus 03:04:30Male13ROAD RUNNERS CLUB
15806Jon Kyte 03:07:44Male14Harrow AC
16559Jason James 03:08:56Male15Burgess Hill
17657Nathan Barker 03:09:04Male16
18423Dean Smith 03:09:19Male17ARMY
19390Thomas French 03:09:47Male18
2037MATTHEW DUNSTAN 03:10:39Male19
21175Tony Conway 03:10:43Male20portsmouth joggers
22468Steve Edwards 03:12:54Male21
23207Kenneth Ivory 03:13:09Male22portsmouth joggers
2459Phil Hoy 03:13:17Male23portsmouth joggers
25327Trevor Allport 03:13:19Male24midland masters
26840Richard Evans 03:13:54Male25
27688Jonathan Moscrop 03:14:47Male26London Frontrunners
28870James Graham 03:14:54Male27
29722Gavin Megaw 03:14:58Male28Guildford & Godalming AC
3066Simon Thompson 03:15:05Male29
312IAN J BERRY 03:15:16Male30SALISBURY
33282Mike Pini 03:15:30Male31
34866Tate Irons 03:15:47Male32
3529ADRIAN SUTTON 03:15:57Male33
36223Mich Hardie 03:16:10Male34portsmouth joggers
37909Derek Ivens 03:16:21Male35
38556John Tyler 03:17:15Male36100 MARATHON CLUB
3969Stephen Alden 03:17:25Male37Mid Sussex Tri Club
40313Oliver Excell 03:17:31Male38East London triathletes
41141Anna Wieckowska 03:17:39Female3
42415David Hegarty 03:17:52Male39
43218Howard Clark 03:17:53Male40Portsmouth Joggers Club
44547David Hughes 03:18:31Male41
45726Charles Hampden-Smith 03:18:50Male42
46551Dan Turner 03:19:08Male43Chichester Runner & AC
47192Paul Blanchard 03:19:17Male44Hart Road Runners
48482Lee Neumann 03:19:24Male45Chichester Runners AC
49481Rithy Hy 03:19:31Male46City of Salisbury A & RC
50906Noel Hollingsworth 03:19:39Male47straggler's
Page 1 of 13 (613 items)