Pedal for Parkinsons - Ripley
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22 Jul 2018
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Race No
Finish *
169Cliff SheltonBlast (short route)Male 01:41:40
1134Ian RobertsBlast (short route)MaleNeon Bikes Northallerton01:46:32
165John SylvesterBlast (short route)Male 01:48:55
156Alistair HowBlast (short route)Male 02:00:41
174Ian RobertsBlast (short route)Male 02:09:00
159Christine RobbinsBlast (short route)Female 02:09:59
176Paul CostarBlaze (medium route)Male 02:10:30
175Dave MillerBlast (short route)Male 02:10:35
178Antony SmithBlaze (medium route)Male 02:12:11
177Natalie HusakBlaze (medium route)Female 02:12:12
155Richard HeyBlast (short route)Male 02:13:56
162Chris SmithBlast (short route)Male 02:13:58
172Colin BroadbankBlast (short route)Male 02:14:07
158Margaret PattisonBlast (short route)Female 02:18:43
2071Clare AynsleyBlaze (medium route)Female 02:22:00
2092Sue SandersonBlaze (medium route)Female 02:22:00
152Kelly CunninghamBlast (short route)Female 02:30:24
168Hannah WrigleyBlast (short route)Female 02:39:01
180Catherine LeaBlaze (medium route)Female 02:45:49
179Tracy RobinsonBlaze (medium route)Female 02:45:50
166Katie WainwrightBlast (short route)Female 02:53:32
171Sue BleazardBlast (short route)Female 03:00:20
170Tim BleazardBlast (short route)Male 03:00:22
153Stuart FranklandBlast (short route)Male 03:07:36
160Andrew SheltonBlast (short route)MaleTeam Groomsport03:15:39
161David SheltonBlaze (medium route)MaleDavid Shelton03:15:39
154Kathy GourlayBlast (short route)FemaleTeam Groomsport03:15:40
2094David SheltonBlaze (medium route)Male 03:15:40
2084Jason LawerBlaze (medium route)Male 03:27:47
2102Duncan CupitBlaze (medium route)Male 03:27:47
173Lesley HargraveBlast (short route)Female 03:38:08
2082Greg HoufeBlaze (medium route)Male 03:48:35
2111Paddy CraigBlaze (medium route)Male 03:50:14
2103Dave RobbinsBlaze (medium route)Male 03:50:15
2110Stephen KirkbrightBlaze (medium route)Male 03:50:15
2096Michael SokolBlaze (medium route)Male 03:50:17
2098Bryce SweeneyBlaze (medium route)Male 04:08:29
1117Niall GunnBurn (long route)MaleLimping Dogs04:28:36
1150Geraldo MacapagalBurn (long route)Male 04:30:44
1154David RobinsonBurn (long route)Male 04:38:00
1140Lynda WilsonBurn (long route)Female 04:38:09
1119Jo HopeBurn (long route)Female 04:38:10
1148Cian LowneyBurn (long route)Male 04:42:01
1120Paul InghamBurn (long route)Male 04:42:03
2114Nick SmithBlaze (medium route)Male 04:44:42
2112Paul SweeneyBlaze (medium route)Male 04:45:55
1157Joe HillBurn (long route)Male 04:48:23
1155Andrew OsguthorpeBurn (long route)Male 04:48:25
1147Kevin FarrellBurn (long route)Male 04:48:27
1146Fred BeckwithBurn (long route)Male 04:49:30
Page 1 of 2 (94 items)

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