FRP- Nuclear Mud Run
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28 Jun 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Type *
Team Pos
3645Russell Atkins01:13:28All Ages26Male26   
929Tamzin James00:56:29All Ages2Female2   
2886Lyndsey Squirrell01:10:04All Ages6Female6   
4573Heidi Jones01:15:53All Ages16Female16Team of threeBirketts 2 
876Danielle Pavitt00:56:20All Ages1Female1Team of threeRickard Luckin 
2978Emma Priest01:10:05All Ages7Female7Team of threeFRP's Girls10
5577Alexandra Thurgood01:21:33All Ages21Female21Team of threeFRP's Girls10
5679Amy Coppen01:21:34All Ages22Female22Team of threeFRP's Girls10
1782David Speller01:04:36All Ages15Male15Team of threeEssex & North East London SME Team3
1880Joe Mwaniki01:04:38All Ages16Male16Team of threeEssex & North East London SME Team3
1981Ken Antwi01:04:38All Ages17Male17Team of threeEssex & North East London SME Team3
7557David Bransbury01:31:42All Ages40Male40Team of threeCHC Kats 
3754Dan Seager01:13:43All Ages27Male27Team of threeCHC Dream team7
3958Modesta Stanciauskaite01:13:47All Ages11Female11Team of threeCHC Kittens14
3855David Belbin01:13:43All Ages28Male28Team of threeCHC Dream team7
7359Rhea Kyslun01:31:36All Ages34Female34Team of threeCHC Kittens14
7260Shane Barrs01:31:35All Ages39Male39Team of threeCHC Kittens14
3263Holly Stevens01:11:47All Ages9Female9Team of threeTeam BTMK6
3064Nadia Fabri01:11:34All Ages8Female8Team of threeTeam BTMK6
3165Lee Emptage01:11:46All Ages23Male23Team of threeTeam BTMK6
1668Rob Hite01:01:38All Ages14Male14Team of threeJust Plane Boring 
1569James Strudwick01:01:29All Ages13Male13Team of threeJust Plane Boring 
6350Jade Timms01:26:36All Ages28Female28Team of threeFb Accountancy Services11
6548Philip Cooksley01:26:37All Ages36Male36Team of threeFb Accountancy Services11
6449Kim Radmore01:26:37All Ages29Female29Team of threeFb Accountancy Services11
4152Tom Moulsdale01:13:48All Ages29Male29Team of threeWortley Byers LLP8
4251Jane Winfield01:13:50All Ages13Female13Team of threeWortley Byers LLP8
4353Caroline Andrews01:13:51All Ages14Female14Team of threeWortley Byers LLP8
4056Katy Reyland01:13:47All Ages12Female12Team of threeCHC Dream team7
536Peter Allen00:50:59All Ages5Male5Team of threeBirkett Longshots2
137Simon Green00:38:29All Ages1Male1Team of threeBirkett Longshots2
1338David Feakins01:01:14All Ages11Male11Team of threeBirkett Longshots2
4840Paul Nicholls01:17:07All Ages32Male32Team of threeNicholls Law9
441Joshua Nicholls00:47:38All Ages4Male4Team of threeNicholls Law9
239Luke Nicholls00:41:04All Ages2Male2Team of threeNicholls Law9
5744Amanda Perriman01:22:16All Ages23Female23Team of threeNicholls Law 2 
5843Steven Daniels01:22:18All Ages35Male35Team of threeNicholls Law 2 
227Andrew Stallard01:06:14All Ages20Male20Team of threeDirty B*st*rds4
218John Appleby01:06:13All Ages19Male19Team of threeDirty B*st*rds4
209Phil Booth01:06:13All Ages18Male18Team of threeDirty B*st*rds4
612John Insley00:55:07All Ages6Male6Team of threeTees Law1
710Daniel Fairs00:55:23All Ages7Male7Team of threeTees Law1
311Troy Featherstone00:44:26All Ages3Male3Team of threeTees Law1
4615Alex Forwood01:15:54All Ages30Male30Team of threeBirketts 1 
4414Stephanie Ayre01:15:53All Ages15Female15Team of threeBirketts 1 
2618Tom York01:09:47All Ages22Male22Team of threeThree Profiteers5
2520Stephen Drain01:09:46All Ages21Male21Team of threeThree Profiteers5
2719Sandra Morrell01:09:48All Ages5Female5Team of threeThree Profiteers5
6722Bobin Brunning-hill01:28:33All Ages31Female31Team of threeThe Lost Profits12
6621Emma King01:28:32All Ages30Female30Team of threeThe Lost Profits12
Page 1 of 2 (76 items)

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