Cotswold 24H Relay Race 2018
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4 Aug 2018
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3Mark Simmons Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
4Daniel Blythe Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
6Patrick Duncan Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
10Brian Reid Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
23James Brooks Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
30Brian Saxby Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
50Phil Woolley Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
52David Stevenson Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
53Sam Crotty Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
66Mark Lane Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
83James Andrews Not startedSolo RunnersMale0   
102Maxine Reid Not startedSolo RunnersFemale0   
107Elizabeth Cook Not startedSolo RunnersFemale0   
121Stephanie Richards StartedSolo RunnersFemale0   
122Brenda Miere O'Keefe Not startedSolo RunnersFemale0   
138Rachel Barnes Not startedSolo RunnersFemale0   
156Judy Bartley Not startedSolo Nordic WalkersFemale0   
160Elaine Hunt Not startedSolo Nordic WalkersFemale0   
167Louise Morgan Not startedSolo Nordic WalkersFemale0   
168Mike Brewer Not startedSolo Nordic WalkersMale0   
165Christine Tromans Not startedSolo Nordic WalkersFemale0   
210TEAM The Rickshaw RunnersNot startedPairsMale0   
217777Henry Mungwira22:53:55Solo Runners85Male103122:53:5522:53:5522:53:55
214162John Suffield 10:33:24Solo Nordic Walkers2Male101301:29:3506:20:0703:31:08
215158Helen Chambers 19:13:04Solo Nordic Walkers13Female56301:37:2315:26:2906:24:21
21690Robert Temple 23:46:01Solo Runners84Male102301:15:1821:09:0207:55:20
21394David Pope 06:48:08Solo Runners83Male100301:06:4604:00:5702:16:02
21265Cary Cook 03:38:30Solo Runners82Male99301:04:0701:18:5001:12:50
20524Simon Saxby 03:05:56Solo Runners80Male97400:44:4800:47:0600:46:29
21112John Followell 23:07:21Solo Runners81Male98401:05:0710:29:0205:46:50
207159Sue Turner 19:13:04Solo Nordic Walkers9Female52401:27:0713:14:0204:48:16
210153Jayne Sheehy 19:33:12Solo Nordic Walkers12Female55401:49:1408:45:4404:53:18
208154Jo Rice 19:33:12Solo Nordic Walkers10Female53401:48:5908:45:4604:53:18
209155Lynne Blackmore 19:33:12Solo Nordic Walkers11Female54401:49:0310:17:3204:53:18
206119Debra Fry 08:41:38Solo Runners33Female51401:26:0503:41:4002:10:24
198123Nicola Pope 06:47:46Solo Runners30Female44501:04:1701:32:0801:21:33
199124Lindsay Wall 06:47:46Solo Runners31Female45501:04:1601:32:0901:21:33
197125Yvonne Tinsley 06:47:46Solo Runners29Female43501:04:0701:45:5501:21:33
202150Emma Turley 20:49:00Solo Nordic Walkers7Female48501:43:3512:02:3804:09:48
200136Louise Witt 09:09:12Solo Runners32Female46501:33:1202:32:4601:49:50
201157Carol Goode 10:59:47Solo Nordic Walkers6Female47501:14:4504:52:4702:11:57
203163Lisa Hurley 21:05:41Solo Nordic Walkers8Female49501:39:3911:59:0804:13:08
196113Lisa Martin 06:42:48Solo Runners28Female42500:51:5902:37:4701:20:33
1959Ian Osborne 04:12:32Solo Runners79Male96500:44:2101:05:5700:50:30
204204Team Synergi21:29:45Pairs3Female50501:35:2513:44:1504:17:57
192166Helen Richardson 23:18:38Solo Nordic Walkers3Female39601:39:3911:59:0903:53:06
18632Mat Barber 13:16:17Solo Runners77Male93600:48:4604:19:2402:12:42
18872Paul Ashton 19:40:02Solo Runners78Male94601:26:0608:41:2803:16:40
18345Dan Holloway 11:33:33Solo Runners76Male92601:16:3103:46:2701:55:35
184106Karen Westie 12:55:10Solo Runners24Female34601:20:0802:50:5502:09:11
Page 1 of 5 (239 items)

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