Yorkshire Water Sportive
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14 Jul 2018
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Race No
Categ Points *
61Arran Brown 06:01:18ALL AGES Male 
62Keira Atherton05:22:55ALL AGES FemaleAstley & Tyldesley Cycling Club
63Nigel Augustin05:15:53ALL AGES Male 
74Andrew BroadhurstStartedALL AGES Male 
93Samuel Fryer05:16:04ALL AGES Male 
101Dom Goldthorp05:11:58ALL AGES Male 
115David Higgins05:22:56ALL AGES Male 
117Chris HolcroftStartedALL AGES Male 
7Graham Lancaster06:41:55ALL AGES Male 
15Bill Macaulay06:14:24ALL AGES Male 
34Dan Price09:14:05ALL AGES Male 
35Craig Proctor06:41:53ALL AGES Male 
41Helen Simpson05:09:06ALL AGES Female 
43Giles Smith06:01:19ALL AGES Male 
55Martyn Waller06:41:48ALL AGES Male 
56Barry Walton05:05:14ALL AGES Male 
57Catherine Walton05:04:42ALL AGES Female 
162Kathy WheatleyNot startedALL AGES Female 
163Glenn Wheeler05:27:29ALL AGES Male 
169Lewis Payne05:03:41ALL AGES Male 
178Darell Griffith05:34:26ALL AGES Male 
183Givlio Curiomi07:07:09ALL AGES Male 
189Hanif Din04:04:49ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
40Charles Semple04:32:41ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
47Catherine Storey04:22:51ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
29James Oakley04:23:12ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
30Jane Oughton04:15:43ALL AGESBRONZEFemaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
11Jonathan Lemoine04:23:13ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
103Paul Grave04:36:39ALL AGESBRONZEMaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
104Elizabeth Gray04:56:06ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
105Frances Gray04:58:32ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
106Jamie Gray04:58:37ALL AGESBRONZEMaleYork Cycleworks
107Jean Gray04:57:21ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
119Esther Hollis04:22:05ALL AGESBRONZEFemaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
4David Jackson04:19:00ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
68Phillip Blaen04:30:27ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
69Georgina Bordewich04:33:10ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
70Magnus Bordewich04:33:10ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
85Alex Dowell04:30:11ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
75Diana Campbell02:51:25ALL AGESGOLDFemale 
164Shaun Wilkinson02:29:24ALL AGESGOLDMale 
176Nevil Muncaster02:59:37ALL AGESGOLDMale 
182Daniel Harrison03:07:40ALL AGESSILVERMale 
167Michael Wynn03:48:45ALL AGESSILVERMale 
60Andrew Webster03:15:27ALL AGESSILVERMale 
161Graham Weston03:46:56ALL AGESSILVERMale 
50Neil Tiffany-Jackson03:31:00ALL AGESSILVERMale 
36Caley Rankin03:59:27ALL AGESSILVERMale 
37Cary Rankin03:59:31ALL AGESSILVERMale 
38Paul Rhodes03:04:11ALL AGESSILVERMale 
Page 1 of 2 (66 items)

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