Chiltern Samaritans Charity Cycling Event 2018
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30 Jun 2018
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Race No
Name *
Categ Points
344Adrian Kemp05:55:55Hellfire 80 ChallengeBRONZEMaleThame Cycling Club
381Adrian Morris06:34:53Hellfire 80 Challenge MaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
55Aileen Maloney03:23:50Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
306Alan Fairbairn07:22:02Hellfire 80 Challenge Male 
154Alan Grover04:17:18Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
471Alan Nixon05:42:07Hellfire 80 ChallengeBRONZEMale 
511Alex Erover04:17:18Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
357Alex Lessing07:40:45Hellfire 80 Challenge Female 
496Alex Lewis05:14:25Hellfire 80 ChallengeSILVERMale 
149Alexandra Gabriel05:20:31Hellfire 50 Challenge Female 
535Alfred Tobler05:21:15Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
503Alice Comyn03:55:33Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
273Alison Carter07:11:43Hellfire 80 Challenge Female 
30Alison Greenhalgh02:40:57Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
280Amanda Coombs06:17:10Hellfire 80 Challenge FVSILVERFemale 
140Amanda Dolling03:54:49Hellfire 50 Challenge FemaleBerkhamsted Cycling Club
541Amos Manders05:13:01Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
356Ana Legin07:16:10Hellfire 80 Challenge FemaleHigh w
266Andrew Briggs05:54:19Hellfire 80 ChallengeBRONZEMale 
131Andrew Croft05:54:34Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
342Andrew Keen05:36:56Hellfire 80 ChallengeBRONZEMale 
473Andrew Knott03:23:19Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
174Andrew Leach03:37:10Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
393Andrew Pearce05:37:53Hellfire 80 Challenge MVSILVERMaleHigh Wycombe Cycling Club
441Andrew Vine06:59:28Hellfire 80 Challenge MaleDynamic Rides CC
222Andrew Wagstaff03:45:28Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
452Andrew Wickens06:09:15Hellfire 80 Challenge Male 
463Andrew Wright04:28:47Hellfire 80 ChallengeGOLDMaleHigh Wycombe Cycling Club
116Andy Bolton03:26:48Hellfire 50 Challenge MaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
351Andy Lane06:43:04Hellfire 80 Challenge MaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
371Andy May03:35:39Hellfire 80 ChallengeGOLDMaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
487Andy Niead04:38:15Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
73Andy Quinn02:09:40Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
427Andy Starrs06:15:52Hellfire 80 Challenge Male 
456Andy Wilmott05:06:07Hellfire 80 ChallengeSILVERMale 
82Ann Shrimpton08:26:40Hellfire 80 Challenge FV FemaleBroughton Cycling Group
494Annabelle Travers05:58:36Hellfire 80 ChallengeSILVERFemale 
64Anthony Page05:29:31Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
453ANTHONY WICKHAM07:50:50Hellfire 80 Challenge Male 
416Atholl Semmence07:01:16Hellfire 80 Challenge MV Male 
14Barry Bonner02:24:52Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
478Becky Cann06:57:04Hellfire 80 Challenge Female 
500Ben Nicol04:39:39Hellfire 80 ChallengeSILVERMale 
296Benjamin du bernad05:34:54Hellfire 80 Challenge FVSILVERFemale 
20Bernice Dunsmuir04:33:01Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
120Bertie Brady04:18:06Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
550Bill Marshall03:50:14Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
515Bob Mcgluie02:19:59Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
377Bob Moody06:38:12Hellfire 80 Challenge MV MaleThame Cycling Club
124Brad Carter03:45:24Hellfire 50 Challenge Male 
Page 1 of 10 (490 items)

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