Chiltern Samaritans Charity Cycling Event 2018
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30 Jun 2018
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Race No
Categ Points
1Peter Adams04:56:43Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
2Joanna Anderson01:48:24Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
3Julie Anderson03:01:30Dashwood 25 Challenge FemaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
4Sally Ash02:20:22Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
5Celia Ashington02:55:30Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
6David Bailey02:17:54Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
7Rosie Bailey02:17:54Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
8Caroline Baker03:12:27Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
9Peter Baldwin02:59:02Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
14Barry Bonner02:24:52Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
17David Bryant04:26:17Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
19sarah christopher03:38:27Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
20Bernice Dunsmuir04:33:01Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
21Nicky Durand03:55:27Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
22James Edwards05:21:03Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
23Eddie Ellis03:01:32Dashwood 25 Challenge MaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
24Jeremy Elphick02:41:01Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
25Louise Elphick02:40:58Dashwood 25 Challenge FemaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
26Sophie Elphick02:41:01Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
27Gail Eva02:24:54Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
28Stephanie Fagan02:20:32Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
29Val Fisher04:32:43Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
30Alison Greenhalgh02:40:57Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
31Giles Greenhalgh02:40:48Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
33Malcolm Hall02:15:02Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
34Jackie Hall02:15:01Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
35Janet Harper02:20:30Dashwood 25 Challenge FemaleAmersham Road Cycling Club
36Jan Harris02:40:56Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
37Simon Harris02:40:58Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
38Karen Hawkins03:23:46Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
39Fran Hayes05:26:58Hellfire 80 ChallengeSILVERMaleBroughton Cycling Group
41Jonathan Hildreth04:07:03Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
42Margaret Hildreth04:07:03Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
43Chris Hogg02:15:23Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
44Helen Hubbard01:45:49Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
45Gary Hudson02:55:19Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
47Harvey Jones02:09:43Dashwood 25 Challenge MaleTeam JMC
48Patrick Joyce03:03:40Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
49Martin Kitwood02:07:12Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
50Lynne Kitwood02:07:11Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
51Damian Low02:09:34Dashwood 25 Challenge MaleBroughton Cycling Group
52Keith Macgregor04:26:19Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
53Stephen Maishman01:45:50Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
54James Mallett02:18:49Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
55Aileen Maloney03:23:50Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
56Martin McCarthy02:17:59Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
57Rob McKendrick02:13:34Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
58Veronica Meredith02:41:43Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
59Noel Meredith02:42:21Dashwood 25 Challenge Male 
60Jane Mitchell02:50:05Dashwood 25 Challenge Female 
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