Suffolk Trail Festival
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16 Jun 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Category *
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
72187Isabella Shropshire00:32:36 Female38
81Megan Knight Please Email DobNot started Female
70184Albie Cox00:32:3318 and Under20Male34
44172Paige Vaughan00:23:5818 and Under15Female25
51182Alice Young00:25:2018 and Under17Female28
71186Eliza Shropshire00:32:3518 and Under20Female37
46102Henry Barrett00:24:3218 and Under13Male20
2103Lila Battell00:12:5918 and Under1Female1
49105Ben Bayes00:25:1918 and Under14Male22
27107Jacob Brough00:17:5918 and Under10Male15
40110Hannah Bryant00:21:5218 and Under14Female21
8112Hayden Cawstoná00:15:2218 and Under4Male4
37113Sienna Cawstoná00:21:4618 and Under12Female19
60115Thomas Cotton00:29:1518 and Under17Male28
3118Rhys Davis00:14:1318 and Under2Male2
48119Brooke Davis00:25:0518 and Under16Female27
22122Freddy Dowds00:17:0818 and Under8Male11
23123Archie Dowds00:17:0818 and Under9Male12
125Holly DuffetyNot started18 and UnderFemale
17126Lorna Ferguson00:16:4818 and Under7Female10
15128Isabel Finch00:16:3518 and Under6Female9
13129Freddie Finch00:16:2718 and Under6Male6
5130Sophie Gathorne-Hardy00:14:5518 and Under2Female2
25131Rachel Gathorne-Hardy00:17:3318 and Under9Female12
57135Elliot Henshall00:28:4818 and Under16Male27
18136Ben Henshall00:16:5518 and Under7Male8
53139Isabelle Hopla00:25:2818 and Under18Female29
78141Jude Hudson01:03:1918 and Under21Male37
28142Poppy Hudson00:18:3818 and Under10Female13
4144George Hull00:14:5418 and Under3Male3
62145Henry Hull00:29:4818 and Under18Male30
6146Faith Keighley00:14:5518 and Under3Female3
148Taylor KennedyNot started18 and UnderFemale
9150Barnabyá Laflin00:15:2318 and Under5Male5
31151Mia Lawes00:20:2618 and Under11Female15
56153George Moore00:28:4918 and Under15Male26
36157Isaac Pettitt00:21:3918 and Under12Male18
7158DANA PITT ROCHE00:15:0518 and Under4Female4
39159Lyla Pryce-Hall00:21:4518 and Under13Female20
65166Freddie Smith00:31:0018 and Under19Male32
64163Amelie Rowlands00:30:0718 and Under19Female33
1174Max Jeffrey00:12:5218 and Under1Male1
175Alfie JeffreyNot started18 and UnderMale
29178Rupert Quayle00:20:3618 and Under11Male16
20179Esme Quayle00:17:0018 and Under8Female11
12180Violette Davy00:16:3218 and Under5Female7
30176Alex Quayle00:20:3725-392Female14
21177Drew Quayle00:17:0125-392Male10
10171Claire Vaughan00:16:0625-391Female5
68167Craig Smith00:31:0025-399Male33
Page 1 of 2 (89 items)

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