Cotswold 24 Hour Race 2017
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22 Jul 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
Dist Done
11315The Fallowfield Hillbillies 24:02:31TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED1Mixed13536:2750:1041:12315
21138Nationwide Running Club 24:39:14TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED2Mixed23536:0857:1542:15315
3567Southville RC - Chris Hopes Appreciation Society 24:19:07TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED1Mixed33434:2351:4742:54306
4504Devizes Unofficial 24:07:25TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED2Mixed43337:4450:2443:51297
5363Team Thunder 23:29:46TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES1Male13235:1355:5744:03288
61243Team Average Joe 24:37:49TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED3Mixed53235:311:06:0046:10288
7340Langport Lads 23:59:49TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES2Male23135:031:03:4046:26279
8738The Triumph Rockets 24:27:43TEAMS OF 6-8 MALES1Male33138:381:10:5047:20279
91251Team Essex 24:37:47TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED4Mixed63135:251:07:5747:40279
10816Clevedon AC 24:46:25TEAMS OF 6-8 FEMALES1Female13138:3356:0847:56279
11572Team Inspire 23:56:29TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED3Mixed73034:531:34:2747:52270
12824Dashing Divas 24:08:36TEAMS OF 6-8 FEMALES2Female23042:1855:1648:17270
13731Relay Gonna Regret This 24:08:53TEAMS OF 6-8 MALES2Male43038:401:08:5448:17270
141361TORTOISES, HARES & HERONS 24:16:26TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED5Mixed83032:311:15:1648:32270
15715Irf - Team Isabella 1 24:34:30TEAMS OF 6-8 MALES3Male53040:501:33:5949:09270
161205Running Riot 24:36:44TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED6Mixed93039:391:00:2749:13270
171347Thorny Devils 23:20:53TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED7Mixed102939:401:09:1648:18261
18723Kingsway Warriors 24:00:49TEAMS OF 6-8 MALES4Male62936:061:10:4949:41261
19308Bmf Reigate and cheam 24:05:42TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES3Male72935:551:29:3349:51261
201211Spirit of Monmouth 24:23:08TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED8Mixed112940:571:11:0550:27261
211227Tadcaster Harriers 'A' 24:23:54TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED9Mixed122938:301:01:0650:28261
22961Bridlington Road Runners 24:26:42TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED10Mixed132940:4559:1750:34261
23562PNRC 5 24:46:17TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED4Mixed142941:581:04:0951:15261
241050Hereford Hurricanes 23:07:23TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED11Mixed152842:541:09:3149:32252
251056Inspiring Fitness 23:19:23TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED12Mixed162838:221:07:1449:58252
26368The Mighty Drc 23:43:18TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED5Mixed172834:141:24:0450:49252
27326Crazier 23:50:32TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES4Male82837:441:21:3451:05252
281012EYE SPY 23:55:57TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED13Mixed182844:101:01:1951:17252
291182Rhedwyr Emlyn Runners 24:05:06TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED14Mixed192838:041:03:5951:36252
301080Just Like Glastonbury 24:15:45TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED15Mixed202838:061:33:1151:59252
311088Kingsway Crusaders 24:18:39TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED16Mixed212838:161:04:1652:05252
321028Four weddings and a funeral 24:23:45TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED17Mixed222836:511:05:3652:16252
331235Tadcaster Harriers 'B' 24:30:45TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED18Mixed232845:251:10:2952:31252
341146Night Sweats And The Concrete Boots 24:32:33TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED6Mixed242839:231:32:3352:35252
35487Craziest 24:32:59TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED7Mixed252844:101:09:2452:36252
364386 Rifles 22:46:52TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED8Mixed262736:411:42:4450:37243
371190Riches Runners 23:18:54TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED19Mixed272741:391:14:2051:48243
381291Team Synergy Wacky Racers Take On Lactic Acid 23:28:29TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED9Mixed282741:091:13:5052:09243
391377Wicked Wombats 23:32:44TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED20Mixed292739:381:37:2552:19243
40991Dirty Dingos 23:33:18TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED21Mixed302735:431:06:3452:20243
411167Orange Warriors 23:46:49TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED22Mixed312736:351:15:4952:50243
42495Daventry Road Runners 23:55:54TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED10Mixed322739:451:19:5053:10243
43552Newent Sole Mates 23:57:51TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED11Mixed332743:141:08:5853:15243
44300There's just something about dead fish 24:01:21TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES5Male92738:261:20:2653:23243
45946Amy Winehouse Foundation 24:06:18TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED23Mixed342740:321:21:3853:34243
46619We thought they said rum 24:20:00TEAMS OF 3-5 MIXED12Mixed352735:381:33:0454:04243
471307Tetbury Running Club 24:27:05TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED24Mixed362745:391:22:1954:20243
481005Dorset Doughnuts 24:29:32TEAMS OF 6-8 MIXED25Mixed372744:431:11:3254:25243
49330Five Tortoises Not Many Hairs 24:33:56TEAMS OF 3-5 MALES6Male102745:211:20:5654:35243
5070026.2 Road Runners Red Team 24:43:30TEAMS OF 6-8 MALES5Male112738:293:10:4154:56243
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