Clanfield Challenge
14 May 2017


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1254Trevor Elkins00:20:0415 and Over1Male1
2394Harry Sage00:20:4315 and Over2Male2
3403Alex Evans00:21:0115 and Over3Male3
4348Fraser Cameron00:21:4615 and Over4Male4
5322Jon Hutchings00:21:4815 and Over5Male5
6286Martin Kelly00:22:1015 and Over6Male6
7210Phillip Stuart00:22:2215 and Over7Male7
8373Sam Sage00:24:0415 and Over8Male8
9281Paul Mchugh00:24:2015 and Over9Male9
10247Matthew Bryant00:24:2115 and Over10Male10
11384Emily Dunkley00:24:2915 and Over1Female1
12393Anastasia Jensen00:24:5215 and Over2Female2
13268Craig Hathaway00:25:0615 and Over11Male11
14349Marek Kalinowski00:25:2115 and Over12Male12
15287Max Kelly00:25:3015 and Over13Male13
16335John Manners00:25:4415 and Over14Male14
17201Nigel Rees00:26:1815 and Over15Male15
18288Gabby Kelly00:26:2115 and Over3Female3
19305Richard Moakes00:26:4215 and Over16Male16
20313Garry Applin00:26:4615 and Over17Male17
21205Paul Hawken00:26:5915 and Over18Male18
22246Kerry Starkey00:27:0315 and Over4Female4
23293Abigail Riches00:27:1115 and Over5Female5
24204Emma Hawken00:27:1915 and Over6Female6
25371TASHA SMITH00:27:3615 and Over7Female7
26383Sian Dunkley00:28:0015 and Over8Female8
27213Will Jackson00:28:2115 and Over19Male19
28352Harry Martin00:28:2515 and Over20Male20
29400Allie Hodgson00:28:3515 and Over9Female9
30255Gary Seaman00:28:4115 and Over21Male21
31405Tamara Lucas00:28:4315 and Over10Female10
32377Colin Hathaway00:28:5815 and Over22Male22
33314alex dawson00:29:1715 and Over11Female11
34345Darren Vella00:29:1915 and Over23Male23
35350Kayti Graham00:29:3815 and Over12Female12
36379Caleb Medhurst00:29:3915 and Over24Male24
37235Emma Phillips00:29:5615 and Over13Female13
38302Katie Allen00:30:0415 and Over14Female14
39333Nicola Earle00:30:0415 and Over15Female15
40402Julia Hopes00:30:0615 and Over16Female16
41336Emma Searle00:30:1315 and Over17Female17
42263Donna Pavitt00:30:1415 and Over18Female18
43337Millie Blandford - Davies00:30:2615 and Over19Female19
44276Ethan Crumplin00:30:3115 and Over25Male25
45294Ben Riches00:30:3215 and Over26Male26
46292Tim Riches00:30:3415 and Over27Male27
47239Rebecca Newton00:30:4015 and Over20Female20
48367Adrian Collier00:30:5615 and Over28Male28
49401Louise Bridges00:31:0815 and Over21Female21
50522Lisa Fawcett00:31:1015 and Over22Female22
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