Vertical Rush - Tower Climb 2017
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9 Mar 2017
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Company Name
1214Piotr Lobodzinski00:03:5911:00 am1Male1 4Flex/Adidas Running
279Thomas Dold00:04:139:00 am1Male2
3303Fabio Ruga00:04:1812:00 pm1Male3 la recastello radici group
4291Emanuele Manzi00:04:3312:00 pm2Male4 Italy State
5270Ignacio Cardona Torres00:04:372:00 pm1Male5  
6377Omar Bekkali00:04:451:00 pm1Male6 Team Police
7307Mark Sims00:04:4712:00 pm3Male7 Vertical World Circuit
8156Oliver Wicker00:04:548:00 am1Male8Slaughter and May Team 4Slaughter and May
91163Nick Smallwood00:05:049:00 am2Male9Taylor Vinters Shelter SprintersTaylor Vinters
10486Richard Todd00:05:069:00 am3Male10Blood, Steps and TearsSlaughter and May
1141Elliot Slaughter00:05:118:00 am2Male11 The City of London School
12801Anthony Duncan00:05:1512:00 pm4Male12What You Stairin' At? 
13277Davide De Maria00:05:1512:00 pm5Male13 atl. centro lario
14310Rafal Ulfik00:05:2412:00 pm6Male14 Alpin Sport Team/SKB Krasnik
151254Lawrence Orr00:05:282:00 pm2Male15  
16770Edward Catmur00:05:2912:00 pm7Male16Maven ChoppersMaven Investment Partners
17627Jeremy Gibb00:05:3011:00 am2Male17Carter Jonas Steps 
18261Zanella Antonio00:05:3012:00 pm8Male18 WITTUR ELEVATORS
19286David Harris00:05:3112:00 pm9Male19 Vertical World Circuit
20869David Harper00:05:323:00 pm1Male20NationwideNationwide
21990Louisa Ingham00:05:345:00 pm1Female1A&OhNo!Allen & Overy LLP
22474Christian Alibert00:05:368:00 am3Male21NW HOTSTEPPERS REFORMEDNatWest Markets
23654Quentin Baker00:05:3811:00 am3Male22MakoMako
24889Ben Kepka00:05:393:00 pm2Male23Yuanda BlueYuanda UK
25653Charles Shale00:05:4011:00 am4Male24MakoMako
26833Ryan McLaughln00:05:421:00 pm2Male25Stairway To Hell - NeoworksNeoWorks
27411Ian Wimpenny00:05:423:00 pm3Male26 University of Manchester
28308Lenka Svabikova00:05:453:00 pm1Female2 CEPro Team
29858Chris Smith00:05:463:00 pm4Male27It's Rude To StairTrayport
30529Tim Reid00:05:4810:00 am1Male28A Love StoreyHogan Lovells
311201Who Are You Tim Roberts Perhaps00:05:508:00 am4Male29Where's the Lift?Slaughter and May
32796Mark Utting00:05:5412:00 pm10Male30The Steptacular 5Barton Willmore
331047Peter Kelsey00:05:575:00 pm1Male31Eos Wealth Management 3Eos Wealth Management Ltd
341259Richard Sales00:05:585:00 pm2Male32Team Race Timing Solutions 
351202Julian Bubb-Humphires00:05:598:00 am5Male33Slaughter and May Team 4UBS Asset Management
36134Jonty McNuff00:06:0010:00 am2Male34 British Land
371081Jamie Devlin00:06:015:00 pm3Male35TandemTandem
38532Adam Balfour00:06:0310:00 am3Male36A Love StoreyHogan Lovells
39227Morris Pamplin00:06:0311:00 am5Male37 City, University of London
4062Nick Harris-Fry00:06:0710:00 am4Male38 Coach
411034William Holme00:06:085:00 pm4Male39DNB BankDNB Bank
42896Thomas Byrne00:06:123:00 pm5Male40Yuanda RedYuanda
43577Nia Acquaye00:06:1410:00 am1Female3Social ClimbersSlaughter and May
44613Alejo Fernandez00:06:1411:00 am6Male41A Team 3ING Wholesale Banking
45608Joao Roque00:06:1611:00 am7Male42A Team 2ING Wholesale Banking
461160Jordan Johnson00:06:169:00 am4Male43MoneySupermarket
47304John Sable00:06:1612:00 pm11Male44 TFL
48419Matthew Moore-Bick00:06:174:00 pm1Male45 Mattioli Woods
49480Mokhtar Abdallaoui-Maan00:06:188:00 am6Male46Snails and Ladders2UBS Asset Management
50332Tim Donovan00:06:181:00 pm3Male47 Panda-monium
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