Cotswold 24 Hour Relay Race
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23 Jul 2016
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Fastest Lap
Slowest Lap
Average Lap
1746Cannon Hill Crusaders 24:27:59Team of 8 Male1Male13800:34:4400:42:2600:38:37
21093RSCAC Lads and Lasses 24:37:47Team of 8 Mixed1Mixed13700:33:4600:48:5600:39:56
383426.1 24:28:41Team of 8 Mixed2Mixed23400:34:1700:57:5900:43:11
4810'Suffering Legends' Elite Team  24:41:05Team of 8 Mixed3Mixed33400:33:5401:15:2300:43:33
51139Running with the Kenyans 24:41:56Team of 8 Mixed4Mixed43400:36:4600:57:5300:43:35
6350Team Thunder 23:58:05Team of 5 Male1Male23300:35:2800:56:3300:43:34
71247RSCAC 2 24:14:18Team of 8 Mixed5Mixed53300:37:5300:59:1800:44:04
8368Src Five Go Bats In Bathurst 24:08:14Team of 5 Male2Male33200:38:2300:56:1600:45:15
9802Wesham? Wesham? Who the Frig is Wesham? 24:09:18Team of 8 Mixed6Mixed63200:35:1301:09:2100:45:17
10552Southville's Chris Hopes Appreciation Society 24:30:50Team of 5 Mixed1Mixed73200:35:4801:26:0600:45:57
111277Loose Dogs 23:56:41Team of 8 Mixed7Mixed83100:36:3301:08:4500:46:20
12720Hereford Hurricanes 23:58:03Team of 8 Male2Male43100:40:2800:58:3100:46:23
13388Clevedon AC Men 24:09:48Team of 5 Male3Male53100:36:2001:37:1500:46:46
141028Fenland Running Club mixed 8 24:11:53Team of 8 Mixed8Mixed93100:35:5801:08:3000:46:50
151241Notre Dame Sheffield 23:59:41Team of 8 Mixed9Mixed103000:41:5701:01:1700:47:59
16355The Cunning Stuntmen 23:36:54Team of 5 Male4Male62900:38:3601:14:2100:48:51
17469Team Sludge Racing 23:55:10Team of 5 Mixed2Mixed112900:36:0301:06:0100:49:29
181217Spirit of Monmouth 24:11:46Team of 8 Mixed10Mixed122900:41:0801:06:2100:50:03
19425Drunk As Skunk Fun Chasers 24:13:05Team of 5 Mixed3Mixed132900:42:0301:01:0100:50:06
20901Fountain Fun Runners Team B 24:23:08Team of 8 Mixed11Mixed142900:38:0801:21:0400:50:27
21894Fountain Fun Runners Team A 24:24:40Team of 8 Mixed12Mixed152900:38:0601:07:2700:50:30
22917Dorset Doddlers 24:27:34Team of 8 Mixed13Mixed162900:44:0201:00:1200:50:36
231203Just like Glastonbury 24:39:47Team of 8 Mixed14Mixed172900:38:3601:04:5400:51:01
24727Top Run 23:09:36Team of 8 Male3Male72800:39:2001:11:3700:49:37
251107Braintree and District AC 23:41:15Team of 8 Mixed15Mixed182800:41:0601:01:2800:50:45
26986Challenge Bipolar 23:57:06Team of 8 Mixed16Mixed192800:41:4101:06:1000:51:19
271099Maverick Runners 24:16:03Team of 8 Mixed17Mixed202800:37:3401:22:3100:52:00
281044The Young & The Breathless 24:24:58Team of 8 Mixed18Mixed212800:42:5201:07:3200:52:19
29688Clevedon AC Ladies 24:29:46Team of 8 Female1Female12800:44:4801:04:5900:52:29
301300Get 'Em Down Safely 23:28:08Team of 8 Mixed19Mixed222700:45:0201:04:3000:52:09
311269Kingsway Crusaders 24:04:27Team of 8 Mixed20Mixed232700:43:5301:08:0800:53:29
32909Where's Wally's Kids? 24:27:21Team of 8 Mixed21Mixed242700:44:0901:25:3400:54:20
331115Guys Girls And A Granny Ac 24:31:41Team of 8 Mixed22Mixed252700:38:1501:40:3100:54:30
34501The Rallentandos 24:35:40Team of 5 Mixed4Mixed262700:37:2601:07:0100:54:39
351036Southville Sizzlers 24:39:40Team of 8 Mixed23Mixed272700:44:5601:08:1400:54:48
36978Parky Runners 24:46:02Team of 8 Mixed24Mixed282700:35:1301:18:1400:55:02
371079Dorset Doughnuts 24:46:11Team of 8 Mixed25Mixed292700:45:0601:09:4100:55:02
3884226.2 24:52:46Team of 8 Mixed26Mixed302700:45:2701:09:3900:55:17
39739Slinn Allstars The A Team 23:26:45Team of 8 Male4Male82600:45:3101:03:1600:54:06
40434We thought they said Rum 23:28:35Team of 5 Mixed5Mixed312600:42:1401:33:0400:54:10
41393Insert Creative Team Name Here 23:47:24Team of 5 Male5Male92600:45:2601:36:0900:54:54
42561But Roast 23:49:13Team of 5 Mixed6Mixed322600:39:5401:24:1500:54:58
43479Mr. and Mrs. Robotas 23:49:57Team of 5 Mixed7Mixed332600:42:4601:26:1300:54:59
441211Lancing Eagles (2) 24:05:35Team of 8 Mixed27Mixed342600:47:2701:10:0400:55:35
45220Team F.A.S.T 24:26:55Pair Male1Male102600:43:4201:32:4300:56:25
461253White Horse Warriors - B 24:34:13Team of 8 Mixed28Mixed352600:36:4101:35:4200:56:42
471131TFD Team Christoff 24:41:15Team of 8 Mixed29Mixed362600:37:5301:26:3200:56:58
48530The Great Crested Newts 24:47:35Team of 5 Mixed8Mixed372600:41:1801:20:0900:57:12
49454Muddy Runners 3 24:50:14Team of 5 Mixed9Mixed382600:39:2001:29:0000:57:19
50696Sweat, Regret And Oxygen Debt 22:13:52Team of 5 Female1Female22500:45:4001:08:2400:53:21
Page 1 of 8 (382 items)

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