Castle 2 Castle Open Water Swim 2014
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4 Oct 2014
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1111Matthew DRYDEN00:21:4119 and over1Male1
2130Tony EYLES00:23:1219 and over2Male2
3312Lee RADWELL00:23:1519 and over3Male3
434Thomas BLAKE00:23:5419 and over4Male4
597Mark DANIELSEN00:24:1219 and over5Male5
6189Paul HOGG00:24:1819 and over6Male6
7304Anya PIOTROWICZ00:24:47Under 181Female1
8418Matt WHITELEY00:25:0419 and over7Male7
9424Lucy WILLIAMS00:25:0519 and over1Female2
1068David CHANTER00:25:1419 and over8Male8
11178Chris HEWITT00:25:1619 and over9Male9
12364Jenna SMITHAM00:25:17Under 182Female3
13302Steve PHILLIPS00:25:5119 and over10Male10
14377Andrew STAPLES00:25:5619 and over11Male11
1569Alan CHAPMAN00:26:3519 and over12Male12
16329Andrew ROBERTSON00:26:3819 and over13Male13
17299Robin PENNY00:27:0719 and over14Male14
1863Kerri CARDENAS EAST00:27:1019 and over2Female4
1929Patrick BIDDULPH00:27:1319 and over15Male15
20370Greg SPEARS00:27:1419 and over16Male16
2164Rebecca CARLING00:27:1719 and over3Female5
22321Richard RHODES00:27:1919 and over17Male17
2320Tim BATTEN00:27:2219 and over18Male18
24423Jeremy WILLIAMS00:27:2519 and over19Male19
25260Dan MEENS00:27:2719 and over20Male20
26317Nick RAVEN00:27:3619 and over21Male21
27237Annie LEE00:28:2019 and over4Female6
2874Sam CLARKE00:28:2119 and over22Male22
2965Jon CARTWRIGHT00:28:4619 and over23Male23
30158Alexander GRANT00:28:4819 and over24Male24
31276Katherine O'BRIEN00:28:5419 and over5Female7
32163Catherine HAINES00:28:5519 and over6Female8
33435Claire WYATT00:28:5519 and over7Female9
34316Mark RATTENBURY00:28:5719 and over25Male25
35259Jemma MEDLYN00:29:0819 and over8Female10
3643Olly BRAND00:29:1219 and over26Male26
37104Ben DAVIES00:29:1619 and over27Male27
38347Robert SEARLE00:29:2719 and over28Male28
39147James GENTILE00:29:3919 and over29Male29
40340Ben SANDERSON00:29:4419 and over30Male30
41298Benjamin PENFOLD00:29:5319 and over31Male31
42308Helen POWELL00:30:0419 and over9Female11
4382Tim COOLICAN00:30:0619 and over32Male32
4425David BEHENNAH00:30:0819 and over33Male33
45408Ian WALL00:30:1119 and over34Male34
46112Neil DUFFIELD00:30:2419 and over35Male35
47156Cecily GOODWIN00:30:4019 and over10Female12
48142Jennifer FORD00:30:4319 and over11Female13
49327Katy ROBERTS00:30:4519 and over12Female14
50293Morgan PASCOE00:30:52Under 181Male36
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