Goodwood 5 Mile Run
14 Aug 2019


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PosRace NoNameNameTimeTimeGen PosCategoryGenderGen Pos
5267Amy Peters Amy Peters
#267 U All Ages
00:07:1400:07:145All AgesU5
3270Charlie Banhan Charlie Banhan
#270 U All Ages
00:06:5900:06:593All AgesU3
9272Charlie Peters Charlie Peters
#272 U All Ages
00:08:5400:08:548All AgesU8
14273Charlotte Potter Charlotte Potter
#273 U All Ages
00:09:5700:09:5713All AgesU13
12274daisy aldcroft daisy aldcroft
#274 U All Ages
00:09:2300:09:2311All AgesU11
1275Digby Fulford Digby Fulford
#275 U All Ages
00:06:3600:06:361All AgesU1
6277Jake cobby Jake cobby
#277 U All Ages
00:07:3800:07:386All AgesU6
2278Lewis Yates Lewis Yates
#278 U All Ages
00:06:4600:06:462All AgesU2
17280Lucy Seaton Lucy Seaton
#280 U All Ages
00:12:2600:12:2616All AgesU16
11281megan aldcroft megan aldcroft
#281 U All Ages
00:08:5700:08:5710All AgesU10
10282Nathaniel Jolly Nathaniel Jolly
#282 U All Ages
00:08:5600:08:569All AgesU9
4283Ollie Peters Ollie Peters
#283 U All Ages
00:07:0000:07:004All AgesU4
8284Rebekah Jolly Rebekah Jolly
#284 U All Ages
00:08:5200:08:527All AgesU7
18285Scarlett Woodbridge Scarlett Woodbridge
#285 U All Ages
00:12:2700:12:2717All AgesU17
16286Snowdrop Neville Snowdrop Neville
#286 U All Ages
00:10:1200:10:1215All AgesU15
15289William Henry Stavert-Garbett William Henry Stavert-Garbett
#289 U All Ages
00:09:5800:09:5814All AgesU14
13290Woody Potter Woody Potter
#290 U All Ages
00:09:5600:09:5612All AgesU12
7298Gemma TupperGemma Tupper
#298 F All Ages
00:08:4700:08:471All AgesF1
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