Clanfield Challenge 2019
19 May 2019


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FavPosRace NoNameTimeCategoryCat PosGenderGen Pos
1126Piers Trimbee00:04:426 and Under1Male1
278Edith Leighton00:04:466 and Under1Female1
339William Forsyth00:04:546 and Under2Male2
461Matthew Hodgson00:05:026 and Under3Male3
5118Esme Stone00:05:046 and Under2Female2
673William Jones00:05:126 and Under4Male4
74Freya Ashdown 00:05:126 and Under3Female3
822William Clue00:05:126 and Under5Male5
921Sophie Clay00:05:186 and Under4Female4
1024Gilbert Copeland00:05:206 and Under6Male6
1143Daniel Frost00:05:246 and Under7Male7
123HENRY ARNOLD00:05:266 and Under8Male8
1344Harrison Gallienne 00:05:296 and Under9Male9
1468Daniel Jay00:05:306 and Under10Male10
1588Erin Mawson00:05:326 and Under5Female5
1615Zara Bundey00:05:326 and Under6Female6
1731Billy Davison00:05:336 and Under11Male11
18101Freya palmer00:05:336 and Under7Female7
1981Rebekah Mackfall00:05:386 and Under8Female8
2059Elouise Hill00:05:436 and Under9Female9
21120Angel-Star Summers00:05:436 and Under10Female10
22112Tom Shanks00:05:466 and Under12Male12
23121Oscar Swan00:05:476 and Under13Male13
2455Jack Herring00:05:476 and Under14Male14
2540Jack Francis00:05:476 and Under15Male15
265Amelia Austin Hawkins00:05:486 and Under11Female11
27119Myron Styllis00:05:526 and Under16Male16
2810Maximilian Bischoff00:05:526 and Under17Male17
2933Ned Dryburgh00:05:536 and Under18Male18
3018Emilia Cannings00:05:546 and Under12Female12
3112Molly Broom00:05:586 and Under13Female13
3247Charlie Goodman00:06:016 and Under19Male19
3341Luke Frizelle00:06:056 and Under20Male20
3474Ellie Jones00:06:066 and Under14Female14
35106Isaac Pink00:06:076 and Under21Male21
36100Marni Newman00:06:076 and Under15Female15
3762Amelie Howlett00:06:076 and Under16Female16
3851Mollie Hedges00:06:106 and Under17Female17
39104Ettie Pike00:06:116 and Under18Female18
40105Luca Pink00:06:126 and Under22Male22
418Cecilia Banning 00:06:146 and Under19Female19
4263Amalie-Cariad Hughes00:06:156 and Under20Female20
432tabby arnold00:06:166 and Under21Female21
4485Teddy Marvin00:06:166 and Under23Male23
4599Rose Murphy00:06:166 and Under22Female22
4658Bobby Highfield00:06:176 and Under24Male24
4753Elijah Heron00:06:196 and Under25Male25
4877Freddy Leggatt00:06:196 and Under26Male26
4917Myles Burton00:06:206 and Under27Male27
5034Harry Emery00:06:216 and Under28Male28
Page 1 of 3 (119 items)