Furlong Fury obstacle course race
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30 Jul 2017
Team Name
Team Result
No Members
Team Competition1 Team andali fitness 02:07:3226
Team Competition2 Circuite Du Soleil 02:27:4713
Team Competition3 Party Animals 02:54:184
Team Competition4 Warriors 03:08:245
Team Competition5 Aly's army 03:11:095
Team Competition6 The Gym With Joe's spin! 03:14:389
Team Competition7 Halo Lions 03:28:417
Team Competition8 All the Gear, NO idea! 03:38:497
Team Competition9 Scrambled Legs 03:57:075
Team Competition10 Ledbury's Quads of Fury 03:57:4610
Team Competition11 Russell is the leader of the wolfpack 03:58:496
Team Competition12 SCOOPS KICK ON 04:04:124
Team Competition13 Pat's All-Stars 04:05:506
Team Competition14 Smells like Dean spirit 04:10:498
Team Competition15 Ross Army Beasts 04:28:127
Team Competition16 Team Hawkins 04:28:249
Team Competition17 Wiggers Beavers 04:38:166
Team Competition18 Furlong Fury For Al 04:56:039
Team Competition19 Kemble'ites 05:04:214
Team Competition20 Peaky Climbers 05:08:425
Team Competition21 St Basils Brushes 05:16:169
Team Competition22 Oakwrights Angels 05:27:537
Team Competition23 A-team 05:29:167
Team Competition24 Team Jeffers 05:35:244
Team Competition25 Bromyard Ninjas 05:42:065
Team Competition26 Little acorns 05:50:569
Team Competition27 Sedgley striders 06:00:305
Team Competition28 Forest Mud Hogs 06:18:2413

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