RKH Specialty - 24HR Goodwood Cycle
18 Jul 2019


Thank you for participating in the Goodwood 24HR cycle challenge
CategoryPosTeam NameTeam LapsTeam ResultNo Members
Team Competition1Canopius729192:09:148
Team Competition2Hard Market Cycle680215:30:429
Team Competition3RKH Marine M4M 24 Hour Goodwood Cycle Team 2573139:35:026
Team Competition4RKH Marine M4M 24 Hour Goodwood Cycle Team 4564239:12:0810
Team Competition5Scrambled Legs507239:54:3410
Team Competition6Hairy Byte-rs498143:22:096
Team Competition7Take me for a Ride473131:15:076
Team Competition8The Wheel Deal462210:40:309
Team Competition9One More Lap456191:12:218
Team Competition10Team Thunderstrike447191:02:178
Team Competition11Highly Geared442167:36:137
Team Competition12RKH Marine M4M 24 Hour Goodwood Cycle Team 1432138:27:266
Team Competition13The PI Pedallers427143:50:327
Team Competition14Palmer and his Three Amigos417139:23:226
Team Competition15Your Pace or Mine404166:24:498
Team Competition16Weapons of Ass Destruction399143:37:206
Team Competition17Life Behind Bars382139:38:357
Team Competition18X Riders359166:37:328
Team Competition19MSAmlin349122:04:216
Team Competition20Black Team Delta Cycling347130:38:047
Team Competition21RKH Marine M4M 24 Hour Goodwood Cycle Team 5342137:42:316
Team Competition22Savills339142:25:126
Team Competition23Breaking Wind318116:31:105
Team Competition24RKH Marine M4M 24 Hour Goodwood Cycle Team 3303123:29:426
Team Competition25Hyperion X Team 19297139:50:537