Yorkshire Water Sportive
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14 Jul 2018
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Race No
Categ Points
2Stuart Hoyle07:11:40ALL AGES MaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
3Steve Hutchinson06:13:12ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
10Paul Lee06:35:27ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
13Victoria Lisle06:55:55ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
17Hugh Madelin06:20:39ALL AGESBRONZEMaleValley Striders CC
20Rachel Meredith06:20:35ALL AGESBRONZEFemaleValley Striders CC
21Boyd Miller05:56:52ALL AGESSILVERMale 
22Michael MoranNot startedALL AGES Male 
24Ben Mould07:39:00ALL AGES Male 
26Lindsay Nicholson06:28:06ALL AGESBRONZEFemale 
28Ruth Norman05:53:30ALL AGESSILVERFemaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
42Andrew Smith07:45:54ALL AGES MaleOtley CC
44Eleanor Stafford06:20:56ALL AGESBRONZEFemaleValley Striders CC
48Ed Sutherland04:59:08ALL AGESGOLDMale 
51Andy Tippett-Moore07:11:41ALL AGES MaleHuddersfield Star Wheelers
54Phil Walker09:14:03ALL AGES Male 
59Mark Watson06:19:21ALL AGESBRONZEMaleValley Striders CC
62Keira Atherton05:22:55ALL AGESSILVERFemale 
65Mark Beecher06:55:49ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
72Ed Bramley06:53:47ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
73Simon Bramley06:53:32ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
76Claire Capper06:27:11ALL AGESBRONZEFemaleValley Striders CC
83Rob Davey06:03:25ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
84Paul Dixon06:20:56ALL AGESBRONZEMaleValley Striders CC
89David Ellwood06:58:25ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
90Ian Farmer07:11:51ALL AGES Male 
91Neil Farmer07:11:53ALL AGES Male 
92Damian Fennelly05:17:34ALL AGESSILVERMale 
97Andy Gibb05:57:14ALL AGESSILVERMale 
99Martin GilesNot startedALL AGES MaleValley Striders CC
110Elliott Harley05:56:48ALL AGESSILVERMaleVelo Club Rutland
111David Hepworth07:24:15ALL AGES Male 
112Julie Hepworth07:24:14ALL AGES FemaleQueensbury Queens of the Mountain
113Guy Hewitt06:35:08ALL AGESBRONZEMaleWatford Velo Sport
115David Higgins05:22:56ALL AGESSILVERMale 
116Matt Hill06:54:05ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
120Richard Hollis06:07:12ALL AGESBRONZEMaleAlbarosa Cycling Club
174Andrew Dandy08:18:47ALL AGES Male 
175Shawn Cust08:18:37ALL AGES Male 
179Martin Robson08:09:54ALL AGES Male 
180Lanetta Robson08:23:43ALL AGES Female 
181Alec Pearson06:37:31ALL AGESBRONZEMale 
184Neil Dennis05:49:38ALL AGESSILVERMale 
185Kathrine O'Mahoy05:46:43ALL AGESSILVERFemale 
186Adam Connell05:46:42ALL AGESSILVERMale 
187Suzie Richards05:41:00ALL AGESSILVERFemale 
188William HollowayNot startedALL AGES Male 
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