MediaCityUK Urban Challenge 2018
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13 Jul 2018
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1663Deloitte Tax 00:54:48All Ages1Mixed1Deloitte Tax00:15:5400:21:0100:17:52
2675Scott Hughes Striders A 00:56:54All Ages2Mixed2Scott Hughes Striders A00:23:3200:19:0900:14:13
3677Scott Hughes Striders C 01:04:48All Ages3Mixed3Scott Hughes Striders C00:21:1700:24:3300:18:58
4670LGC Athletic B 01:05:49All Ages1Male1LGC Athletic B00:25:0200:23:4000:17:06
5656AVSL Group A 01:05:59All Ages2Male2AVSL Group A00:21:3600:23:3900:20:43
6678Scott Hughes Striders D 01:08:11All Ages3Male3Scott Hughes Striders D00:19:1700:25:2800:23:25
7676Scott Hughes Striders B 01:23:31All Ages4Male4Scott Hughes Striders B00:30:3000:29:0400:23:56
651Addleshaw Goddard A StartedAll AgesMaleAddleshaw Goddard A
652Addleshaw Goddard B StartedAll AgesMixedAddleshaw Goddard B
653Addleshaw Goddard C QRYAll AgesFemaleAddleshaw Goddard C
654Addleshaw Goddard D StartedAll AgesMixedAddleshaw Goddard D
655Addleshaw Goddard E StartedAll AgesMaleAddleshaw Goddard E
657AVSL Group B StartedAll AgesMaleAVSL Group B00:21:33
658Bouygues Energies & Services Team 1 StartedAll AgesFemaleBouygues Energies & Services Team 1
660Bouygues Energies & Services Team 3 StartedAll AgesMixedBouygues Energies & Services Team 3
661Bouygues Energies & Services Team 4 StartedAll AgesMixedBouygues Energies & Services Team 400:38:08
664Keep it real like Ian Beale StartedAll AgesMixedKeep it real like Ian Beale 00:23:51
665Kellogg's A StartedAll AgesMaleKellogg's A00:25:57
666Kellogg's B StartedAll AgesMixedKellogg's B00:25:59
667Kellogg's C StartedAll AgesMixedKellogg's C00:25:58
669Kellogg's E StartedAll AgesMixedKellogg's E00:25:57
671Peel A StartedAll AgesMixedPeel A00:23:46
672Peel B StartedAll AgesMixedPeel B00:23:24
673Peel C StartedAll AgesMalePeel C
679Scott Hughes Striders E StartedAll AgesMixedScott Hughes Striders E00:19:11
680Small Field of Blood StartedAll AgesMixedSmall Field of Blood00:18:09
725Media City StartedAll AgesMale 00:23:45
Page 1 of 1 (27 items)

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