Edmund Carr Great Baddow Charity 10 Mile
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13 May 2018
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Gen Pos
Team Type
Team Pos
1736Paul Whittaker 00:57:2900:57:2921 to 341 Male1   
2653James Caldon00:57:3400:57:3321 to 342Non GBVMale2Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet Running Club1
3709Christopher Wayman00:57:3800:57:3821 to 343Non GBVMale3Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet RC 
4134Andrew Low00:58:1000:58:0935 to 591Non GBVMale4Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet Running Club1
5601James Sullivan00:59:1600:59:1635 to 592Non GBVMale5   
6497Ben Jones 00:59:2000:59:2035 to 593Non GBVMale6Male AAA Affilliated TeamsTrent Park RC 
7608Mark Spiller01:00:0101:00:0021 to 344Non GBVMale7Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBishop's Stortford Running Club3
8724Mark Finbow01:00:0501:00:0521 to 345Non GBVMale8Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSouth London Harriers 
9662Nick Roper01:00:2101:00:1335 to 594Non GBVMale9Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBungay Black Dog  
10739Gary Coombes 01:00:2301:00:2235 to 595 Male10   
11761Robert Knight 01:01:0001:01:0021 to 346 Male11   
12651Ben Green01:01:0401:01:0321 to 347Non GBVMale12Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet Running Club1
13258Paul Miles01:02:3501:02:3535 to 596Non GBVMale13Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
14536Conor Culham01:03:0301:03:0320 and under1Non GBVMale14Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBraintree and District AC6
15284Tom Puncher01:04:2001:04:1821 to 348Non GBVMale15   
16582James Lowndes01:04:2001:04:1935 to 597Non GBVMale16Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBarking road runners4
17186Simon Ellice01:04:2201:04:2035 to 598Non GBVMale17Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBishop's Stortford Running Club3
18203David Lindsay01:04:2401:04:2135 to 599Non GBVMale18Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
19591Michael Merrill01:04:4101:04:3835 to 5910Non GBVMale19Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
20568Sam Swaysland01:04:5101:04:4821 to 349Non GBVMale20   
21527Nikki Brockbank01:05:0501:05:0435 to 591Non GBVFemale1Female AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders 3
22663Simon Bowring01:05:3801:05:3835 to 5911Great Baddow VillageMale21Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
23323Susie Chesher01:06:0401:06:0235 to 592Non GBVFemale2   
24630Keiron McGill01:06:0901:06:0635 to 5912Non GBVMale22Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet Running Club1
25509Adam Colgrave 01:06:1401:06:1321 to 3410Great Baddow VillageMale23Male AAA Affilliated TeamsChelmsford AC 
26257Paul Broome01:06:4001:06:3835 to 5913Non GBVMale24Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
27773Colin Harper 01:06:5001:06:4935 to 5914 Male25   
28359Rich Walker01:07:0001:06:5835 to 5915Non GBVMale26Male AAA Affilliated TeamsGoodgym 
29313Paul Dellar01:07:0801:07:0735 to 5916Non GBVMale27Male AAA Affilliated TeamsTiptree Road Runners 
30580Paul Ward01:07:2201:07:2135 to 5917Non GBVMale28Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBarking road runners4
31435James Burns01:07:3501:07:3535 to 5918Non GBVMale29Male AAA Affilliated TeamsLeigh on Sea Striders10
32330Paul Turner01:08:0301:07:5935 to 5919Non GBVMale30   
33449Mark Gowers01:08:0501:08:0035 to 5920Non GBVMale31Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBillericay Striders5
34305Mike Quaye01:08:1301:08:0935 to 5921Non GBVMale32   
35148NEIL WILDIN01:08:2201:08:1835 to 5922Non GBVMale33Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSpringfield Striders2
36584Jon Pople01:08:3401:08:3235 to 5923Non GBVMale34   
37260Justin Kent01:08:4601:08:4635 to 5924Non GBVMale35   
38589Jake Hounsell01:09:1901:09:1421 to 3411Great Baddow VillageMale36   
39190Robert Johnson01:09:3301:09:2921 to 3412Non GBVMale37Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBishop's Stortford Running Club3
40290Peter Jurd01:09:4101:09:3835 to 5925Non GBVMale38   
41189Mark Duncan01:09:4501:09:4335 to 5926Non GBVMale39Male AAA Affilliated TeamsLittle Baddow Ridge Runners7
42495Libby Watson01:09:4501:09:3335 to 593Non GBVFemale3Female AAA Affilliated TeamsLittle Baddow Ridge Runners 5
43618Robert Rayworth01:09:5201:09:5235 to 5927Non GBVMale40Male AAA Affilliated TeamsEast London Runners 
44353Steven Watson01:10:1101:10:0835 to 5928Non GBVMale41Male AAA Affilliated TeamsWitham Running Club8
45537Alan Jones01:10:2301:10:2035 to 5929Non GBVMale42Male AAA Affilliated TeamsSaffron Striders 
46416Graeme St Leger01:10:2801:10:2635 to 5930Non GBVMale43   
47152Paul Brown01:11:0701:11:0321 to 3413Non GBVMale44   
48348Tim Tomlins01:11:1501:11:1035 to 5931Non GBVMale45Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBenfleet Running Club1
49654Oliver Last01:11:2201:11:1835 to 5932Non GBVMale46Male AAA Affilliated TeamsBishop's Stortford Running Club3
50523Gary Worpole01:11:2801:11:1935 to 5933Great Baddow VillageMale47   
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