Active Warrior Southampton
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28 Apr 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
1671Natasha Wooton00:30:2836 to 491Female1 
2493Matthew Plaskett00:31:3526 to 351Male1 
3577Dan Stubbles00:32:2626 to 352Male2 
4237Audley Fraser00:33:3836 to 491Male3 
5352Steve Jennings00:34:2826 to 353Male4 
6564Duncan Smith00:34:3236 to 492Male5GFGR
7114Andrew Clinton00:34:3536 to 493Male6 
8685John Howard00:34:4226 to 354Male7 
9368Dave Kelly00:35:2636 to 494Male8 
10612Aleksandra Vargin00:35:4036 to 492Female2 
11300George Holmes00:36:0326 to 355Male9 
12634Gareth Waters00:36:0926 to 356Male10Energise
13234Jean Foster00:36:5425 and Under1Male11 
1442Charlotte Bate00:37:4626 to 351Female3 
15514Adrian Robinson00:38:1936 to 495Male12 
16565Kevin Southwell00:38:3436 to 496Male13GFGR
17667Samuel Withers00:39:0226 to 357Male14 
18836Gordan Scruton00:40:1826 to 358Male15 
19407Sam Luxton00:40:2936 to 497Male16 
20360Bryn Jones00:40:3036 to 498Male17 
21231Jean Foster00:40:3436 to 493Female4 
22480Freddie Pearce00:40:3525 and Under2Male18Frip
23235Jean Foster00:40:3625 and Under3Male19 
2441Mike Barton00:40:4425 and Under4Male20 
25448Russell Mount00:41:3736 to 499Male21 
2696Simon Carter00:42:2526 to 359Male22 
27128Denis Corkery00:43:0836 to 4910Male23 
28357Gareth Johnson00:44:1826 to 3510Male24 
2961Rob Bowra00:44:5836 to 4911Male25 
30626Charlie Walker00:46:0325 and Under5Male26Hamble posse
31262Paul Gunn00:46:2936 to 4912Male27 
32500Charlotte Powney00:46:3326 to 352Female5 
33673Val Worthington00:46:5050 +1Female6 
34674Geoff Worthington00:46:5050 +1Male28 
35254Fleur Goodwill00:48:1125 and Under1Female7Bellfleur
36515Deborah Robinson00:48:5436 to 494Female8 
37627Fletcher Walker00:48:5925 and Under6Male29Hamble posse
38625Helen Walker00:49:0236 to 495Female9Hamble posse
39365Thomas Jones00:51:0225 and Under7Male30 
40366Charlotte Jones00:51:0325 and Under2Female10 
41495Tony Plaskett00:51:1650 +2Male31 
42618Gemma Veal00:51:3126 to 353Female11 
43617Lisa Veal00:51:3125 and Under3Female12 
44138Rhiannon Crawford00:51:4625 and Under4Female13Spartans
45494Matthew Plaskett00:51:4726 to 3511Male32Spartans
46575Amy Street00:51:4736 to 496Female14 
47678Olivia Wright00:51:4825 and Under5Female15 
48679Hayley Wright00:51:4826 to 354Female16 
49680Edwin Wright00:51:4950 +3Male33 
50677Simon Wright00:51:4936 to 4913Male34 
Page 1 of 11 (529 items)

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