Total Warrior Lake District 2018
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4 Aug 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
Team Pos
18560James Appleton00:25:24.97Under 401Male1  
28599Jason Burgess00:26:32.08Vet 40 to 491Male2  
38735Lee Jackson 00:27:30.94Under 402Male3  
48846Dave Rogers00:27:41.00Vet 40 to 492Male4  
58596Jason Brunnock00:27:42.96Under 403Male5  
68751Wayne Laird00:28:52.15Under 404Male6  
78892Stephen Tyson00:29:21.40Under 405Male7Will Stop For Cake 
88564Liam Arnold00:30:27.69Under 406Male8  
98577Andrea Berquez00:31:12.04Under 401Female1Team OMRM  
108950Noel Finegan00:31:54.01Under 407Male9Race Fitness  
118558Alar Allik00:32:14.98Under 408Male10  
128921Darren Wright00:32:18.08Vet 40 to 493Male11  
138679Jackson Garner00:32:21.48Under 409Male12  
148939Stuart Neail00:32:43.11Vet 40 to 494Male13  
158680Chris Garton00:33:03.82Under 4010Male14  
168756Martin Lansley00:33:04.77Vet 40 to 495Male15  
178741Shaun Jones00:33:41.95Vet 40 to 496Male16  
188750Harry Kolinsky00:33:43.12Vet 40 to 497Male17  
198589simon brady00:33:45.57Vet 50 to 591Male18  
208953Stephen Ward00:34:14.59Under 4011Male19  
218669alex fawcett00:34:15.25Under 4012Male20stockton portrack1
228672Martyn Ford00:34:15.83Under 4013Male21stockton portrack1
238875Anthony Staffieri00:34:23.98Under 4014Male22  
248737Sam Jeffrey00:34:46.37Under 4015Male23Bunch of Wally's  
258700neil handley00:35:04.26Vet 40 to 498Male24  
268694James Haile00:35:18.79Under 4016Male25  
278956Siobonne Brewster00:35:22.33Vet 40 to 491Female2  
288864gary shorrock00:35:22.90Vet 40 to 499Male26  
298716Liam Hill00:35:53.65Under 4017Male27  
308692Rebecca Guy00:35:56.48Under 402Female3  
318705Michael Harrison00:36:00.98Under 4018Male28  
328776zander Mackenzie00:36:05.73Under 4019Male29Will Stop For Cake 
338604Dave Burton00:36:06.46Vet 50 to 592Male30  
348946Dave Maxwell00:36:06.74Vet 40 to 4910Male31  
358595Thomas Brown00:36:12.63Under 4020Male32  
368702ian harland00:36:35.58Vet 60 to 691Male33  
378578Richard Besanko00:36:40.77Under 4021Male34Not fast but furious5
388879chris strickley00:36:54.40Vet 40 to 4911Male35  
398613David Carr00:37:02.93Under 4022Male36The First Men In 
408714Robbie Helyer00:37:21.24Under 4023Male37stockton portrack1
418873Anthony Summers00:37:23.05Under 4024Male38  
428563Kate Arnold00:37:26.30Vet 50 to 591Female4  
438622david collins00:37:36.94Vet 40 to 4912Male39  
448922STEVE WRIGHT00:37:39.62Vet 50 to 593Male40Not fast but furious5
458938Dom Moore00:37:43.08Under 4025Male41  
468629Alistair Couper00:37:57.21Vet 40 to 4913Male42  
478845John RoDgers00:38:05.80Under 4026Male43  
488925Paul Brooks00:38:22.28Vet 40 to 4914Male44stockton portrack1
498848Stuart Rogers00:38:24.56Under 4027Male45Team Rogers  
508755Daniel Lane00:38:47.55Under 4028Male46  
Page 1 of 7 (303 items)

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