Richmond RUNFEST 2017
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16 September 2017
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Race No
Cat Pos
Gen Pos
113250Lauri Stuzmann00:02:17500m for Year 21Male1
212614Maya Lepine00:02:20500m for Year 21Female1
313285Barnaby Sherer00:02:21500m for Year 22Male2
412708Luke Mills00:02:22500m for Year 23Male3
512327Dexter Ellis-White00:02:24500m for Year 11Male4
612098Charlie Bodley00:02:29500m for Year 24Male5
712182Millie Chadwick00:02:29500m for Year 22Female2
812674Zak mayer00:02:29500m for Year 25Male6
912282NOAH DESERT00:02:30500m for Year 12Male7
1012142Toby Buck00:02:32500m for Year 13Male8
1113269James Little00:02:32500m for Year 14Male9
1212926Ben Rushby00:02:33500m for Year 26Male10
1312211Cillian connolly00:02:34500m for Year 27Male11
1412418Noah Guest00:02:35500m for Year 28Male12
1512217James Connor00:02:35500m for Year 29Male13
1612085Sofia Bennett00:02:36500m for Year 23Female3
1712049Toby Askham00:02:37500m for Year 210Male14
1812136Freja Bryce-Smith00:02:37500m for Year 11Female4
1912736Julius Morris00:02:37500m for Year 211Male15
2012452William Hepworth-Hurst00:02:39500m for Year 212Male16
2112179Thomas Causton-Davies00:02:40500m for Year 15Male17
2212985Anthony Simonov00:02:40500m for Year 213Male18
2312933Sarah Rust00:02:40500m for Year 24Female5
2412510Iestyn Isenberg00:02:40500m for Year 16Male19
2512908Edward Ritchie00:02:41500m for Year 17Male20
2613140Tristan Woodhatch-Stuart00:02:41500m for Year 214Male21
2712795Benjamin Oliffe00:02:42500m for Year 215Male22
2812720Oliver Moloney00:02:43500m for Year 216Male23
2913113Robert White00:02:43500m for Year 18Male24
3012915Imogen Robinson-Taylor00:02:44500m for Year 25Female6
3112743Noah Morton00:02:44500m for Year 217Male25
3212216George Connor00:02:44500m for Reception year1Male26
3312798Oscar Olvera00:02:45500m for Year 218Male27
3412925Lawrence Rudolph00:02:45500m for Year 219Male28
3512174Leah Carroll00:02:46500m for Year 26Female7
3613018Hal Stewart00:02:46500m for Year 19Male29
3712524Ethan Jeffreys00:02:46500m for Year 220Male30
3813104John Westhead00:02:46500m for Year 221Male31
3913276Henry Neighbour00:02:47500m for Year 222Male32
4012636Quinn Loubser00:02:48500m for Year 223Male33
4112093Salvador Birts00:02:48500m for Year 224Male34
4213274Eloise Eloise00:02:49500m for Year 27Female8
4313244Carly Silvester00:02:49500m for Year 28Female9
4412391Sienna Giusti00:02:49500m for Year 29Female10
4513256Louis Storey00:02:50500m for Year 225Male35
4612851Elias Pizorn00:02:50500m for Year 226Male36
4712503Aila Ikram00:02:50500m for Year 210Female11
4812684Freya McGlashan00:02:50500m for Year 211Female12
4913103Zak Weaver00:02:50500m for Year 227Male37
5013114Annabel Wieczorek00:02:51500m for Year 212Female13
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