Race The Sun 2018 - Team
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10 May 2018
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Race No
Cat Pos
13030 Signal Regiment 00:36:38Major units1
220216 Sig Sqn 00:37:26Minor units1
32121 Signal Regiment 00:39:59Major units2
41939 Sig Regt 00:40:02Minor units2
51616 Signal Regiment 00:46:08Major units3
6811 Sig Bde 00:46:43Minor units3
72737 Sig Regt 00:46:55Minor units4
81515 Signal Regiment 00:47:10Minor units5
926BAE 00:51:21Minor units6
101414 Signal Regiment 00:51:25Major units4
11732 Eng Regt 00:54:34Major units5
1244 Yorks 00:55:52Minor units7
131111 Signal Regiment 00:56:12Major units6
141332 Sig Regt 00:59:01Minor units8
1529299 Sig Sqn 01:01:01Minor units9
1612Arrc Sp BN 01:03:09Minor units10
172222 Signal Regiment 01:08:39Major units7
189AFC Harrogate 01:08:53Minor units11
196ITC Catterick 01:09:10Major units8
2033 Signal Regiment 01:09:56Major units9
211818 Sig Regt 01:12:10Major units10
22521 Eng Regt 01:12:20Major units11
2311 Signal Regiment 01:12:31Major units12
2422 Signal Regiment 01:13:29Major units13
25251 (UK) Div 01:16:16Minor units12
262471 Sig Regt 01:16:19Minor units13
271010 Signal Regiment 01:18:07Major units14
2817Strensall Garrison 01:39:10Minor units14
2928QOY 01:39:29Minor units15
3023ETS (N) 01:39:40Minor units16
31Spare Number Not startedMajor units
32Spare Number Not startedMajor units
Page 1 of 1 (32 items)