Race the Sun 2018 - Individual
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10 May 2018
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Race No
118Cooke 00:36:1118 Sig Regt07:07:4900:36:11
22Narayan 00:38:122 Signal Regiment06:33:5400:38:12
320Jukes 00:38:23216 Sig Sqn06:34:3000:38:23
413Nelson 00:38:5132 Sig Regt07:29:5900:38:51
516Mcarthur 00:39:1516 Signal Regiment06:52:4800:39:15
69Pallis 00:39:31AFC Harrogate06:40:5000:39:31
7122Vaughan 00:39:3822 Signal Regiment07:07:5100:39:38
817Innes 00:39:54Strensall Garrison07:15:4000:39:54
930Cox 00:40:1730 Signal Regiment06:39:0800:40:17
1029Cook 00:40:40299 Sig Sqn07:21:0100:40:40
115Mcclymont 00:41:0721 Eng Regt07:02:5000:41:07
1221Lawson 00:41:1021 Signal Regiment06:57:3500:41:10
1328Pratt 00:41:36QOY07:27:5600:41:36
141Mulderrig 00:41:381 Signal Regiment07:11:5500:41:38
1515Moran 00:41:4715 Signal Regiment06:38:3900:41:47
168Davies 00:41:4911 Sig Bde06:31:1600:41:49
17102Skinner 00:42:432 Signal Regiment06:33:5500:42:43
1823Morris 00:42:51ETS(N)07:32:0800:42:51
1925Broughan 00:43:011 (UK) Div07:43:4900:43:01
206Netra 00:43:10ITC Catterick07:24:2400:43:10
2119Fowkes 00:43:1439 Sig Regt06:53:5100:43:14
223Jopson 00:43:383 Signal Regiment07:07:1000:43:38
23118Jones 00:43:3918 Sig Regt07:07:5000:43:39
2422Hale 00:44:1322 Signal Regiment07:07:5100:44:13
257Geoghegan 00:44:3932 Eng Regt06:51:1700:44:39
26114Corbett 00:44:4014 Signal Regiment06:53:1100:44:40
2711Ridesh 00:44:4611 Signal Regiment06:43:1100:44:46
28111Zanelli 00:45:1911 Signal Regiment06:43:1100:45:19
2927Kilvington 00:45:3437 Sig Regt07:01:1600:45:34
3026Marc Scammell 00:46:21BAE06:48:1300:46:21
31121Hetterley 00:46:4921 Signal Regiment06:57:3600:46:49
3210Baylis 00:47:0610 Signal Regiment07:29:3500:47:06
3312 00:47:18Arrc Sp BN07:10:2600:47:18
34110Sunuwar 00:48:0610 Signal Regiment07:29:3600:48:06
3524Asamoah 00:49:1071 Sig Regt06:53:5400:49:10
364Buffery 00:52:444 Yorks07:04:2400:52:44
3714Robins 00:56:2514 Signal Regiment06:53:1100:56:25
38104Tuisavura 00:59:314 Yorks07:04:2500:59:31
31Spare Number Not started 
32Spare Number Not started 
101Spare Number Not started 
103Spare Number Not started 
105Spare Number Not started 
106Spare Number Not startedITC Catterick
107Heather Not started32 Eng Regt
108Spare Number Not started 
109Spare Number Not started 
112Thapa, Magar Not startedArrc Sp BN
113Spare Number Not started 
115Spare Number Not started 
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