Ram Run April 2016
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2 Apr 2016
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Race No
Net Time
Cat Pos
Second Categ
Second Categ Pos
Gen Pos
11097Tristan Steed02:29:38Seniors1Ages 25 to 291Male1
21095Adam Robinson02:35:36Seniors2Ages 25 to 292Male2
31087Oistin Mcateer02:36:26Seniors3Ages 30 to 341Male3
41081Craig Forest02:44:30Seniors4Ages 30 to 342Male4
51079Chris Davison02:51:31Seniors5Ages 30 to 343Male5
6635Aaron Chetwynd02:52:58Seniors6Ages 25 to 293Male6
6642Carl Holyoak02:52:58Veterans1Ages 40 to 441Male6
81083Paul Furness02:53:45Veterans2Ages 40 to 442Male8
91130Tim De Wildt03:11:58Seniors7Ages 17 and under1Male9
10660Nathan Mabbs Godfrey03:15:15Seniors8Ages 25 to 294Male10
111082Paul Franks03:16:31Veterans3Ages 40 to 443Male11
12665Matt Street03:16:46Seniors9Ages 35 to 391Male12
13652Peter Rix03:21:11Veterans4Ages 50 to 541Male13
141127Hanno Zandee03:21:14Seniors10Ages 25 to 295Male14
151129Sjors Van Noort03:27:49Seniors11Ages 18 to 241Male15
161077Jack Cornwell03:28:40Seniors12Ages 18 to 242Male16
171133Marcus Hare03:30:30Seniors13 15Male17
181092Adam Ranner03:30:32Seniors14Ages 35 to 392Male18
191086Stefan Martin03:31:50Veterans5Ages 40 to 444Male19
20686Jason Hill03:32:58Seniors15Ages 30 to 344Male20
211103Rudolf Zach03:35:19Seniors16Ages 35 to 393Male21
221091Jason Pittaway03:35:52Veterans6Ages 40 to 445Male22
23661Lee Newark03:35:59Veterans7Ages 40 to 446Male23
241108Hayley Forest03:38:41Seniors1Ages 25 to 291Female1
251109Nicky Haynes03:44:10Veterans1Ages 45 to 491Female2
26633Glen Brown03:44:34Seniors17Ages 35 to 394Male24
271089Paul Peasegood03:50:25Seniors18Ages 18 to 243Male25
28664Cameron Steed03:53:15Seniors19Ages 30 to 345Male26
291107Lottie Farmer03:54:20Seniors2Ages 25 to 292Female3
30654Mark Spittle03:55:21Seniors20Ages 35 to 395Male27
311114Charlotte Stansfield03:55:48Seniors3Ages 18 to 241Female4
32648Richard Lee03:56:44Seniors21Ages 35 to 396Male28
33643Chris Hopkinson03:57:02Seniors22Ages 35 to 397Male29
341100Lee Williams03:57:09Seniors23Ages 25 to 296Male30
35647Robin Labesse03:58:07Seniors24Ages 25 to 297Male31
361085Keith Lawrance04:02:29Seniors25Ages 35 to 398Male32
371106Tom Farmer04:03:48Seniors26Ages 30 to 346Male33
381105West En Karen Hendriks04:06:11Seniors27Ages 30 to 347Male34
391076Si Bullows04:06:28Veterans8Ages 50 to 542Male35
401080Liam Docherty04:08:40Seniors28Ages 35 to 399Male36
41644Jessica Howard04:09:16Seniors4Ages 30 to 341Female5
42659Stephen Baker04:15:31Seniors29Ages 30 to 348Male37
431112Nichola Robinson04:17:23Seniors5Ages 30 to 342Female6
441075Mark Boyce04:19:47Seniors30Ages 30 to 349Male38
45634Andrew Cartwright04:21:54Veterans9Ages 40 to 447Male39
461125Mark Van Truijen04:21:56Seniors31Ages 30 to 3410Male40
461126Ingvar Nordin04:21:56Seniors31Ages 25 to 298Male40
481110Baiba Olina04:22:19Seniors6Ages 25 to 293Female7
491104Matthew Balding04:22:55Seniors33Ages 30 to 3411Male42
501124Ronald Schipper04:28:16Seniors34Ages 30 to 3412Male43
Page 1 of 2 (70 items)